Trekking tour: Trek 14
The country: Kyrgyzstan
Activity of tour: Trekking
Time: 10 days


Day 1: Flight tour to Bishkek and transfer to Karakol in Kyrgyzstan accommodation in a private hotel or a small hotel. Dinner at the heart of the city of Karakol in Kyrgyzstan. 
Day 2: Trekking tour 2:00 Hikes in the picturesque valley of the Chon-Kyzyl-Suu in Kyrgyzstan. Upon arrival a short tour Trekking and travel up the valley of Kara-Batkak and lunch. After lunch, free time for exploring the surroundings and relax. Night organized in tents. 
Day 3: The day tour begins with a trekking excursion tour and travel up the valley of Archa-Tor. Lunch at the foothills of the Archa-Tor pass (3800 m) on the shore of a mountain river in a hurry. Trekking through the pass with a magnificent view of the Jets-Oguz ice walls and other snow-capped mountain peaks Thirsk. Camp in the lower base of the valley. Night organized in tents. 
Day 4: The day tour will begin with tours Trekking down the valley Archa-Tor in the valley of the Jets-Oguz. Lunch will be served on the travel road. That SA panoramic view of the wall JETS-Oguz - chain of snowy peaks with the beautiful peak of Oguz-Bashi (5181 m) dominate the area. Oguz-Bashi in Kyrgyz, "Oh my head." Trekking tour down the Jets-Oguz valley Telety, by her, up the valley Telety. Camp in a wooded area. Night organized in tents. 
Day 5: You will have trekking tour into the valley Telety. Lunch at the foothills of the pass Telety. After lunch, trekking tour through a mountain pass (3800 m) to Telety valley and camp. Dinner. Overnight in tents. 
Day 6: Excursion trekking tour down the valley through the forest Telety fur trees and juniper groves in the valley of Karakol. Lunch on the bank of a mountain river. Trekking to the top of the basis of Karakol valley, where there is a small lake with amazing Karakol peak (5,218 m) on the background make this a very picturesque. Trekking tour back to camp. Dinner around the fire. Night organized in tents. 
Day 7: The day tour will begin with the leadership of trekking down the valley of Karakol, and then 2:00 to march throgh forests along the Ala-Kol. Lunch at the "Orphan" camp. "Orphan" is Russian for orphans. It was built about 15-20 years ago by Russian travelers enthusiasm, since gives shelter to tourists and travelers worldwide. Trekking tour up to Ala-Kol valley along a cascade of small waterfalls in the Ala-Kol lake, which lies at an altitude of 3532 m. camp on a rocky cliff above the lake. Night organized in tents with great panoramic views of the lake. 
Day 8: Tour Trekking along the lake shore, and then from Ala-Kol pass (3860 m) in the valley of the Kel-Dyke. Lunch. Descent tour to the Altyn-Arashan Valley. Altyn Arashan with Kyrgyz Golden Springs. " They are known for its natural therapeutic sulfur hot springs. Before dinner, guests can take hot baths in the springs. Night organized in tents. 
Day 9: the day tour will begin with a meeting of the vehicle. Transfer to Karakol on a very impressive mountain road. Switching the car a comfortable bus with air conditioning. Longest Day Transfer to Bishkek with a possible stop on the beach of Lake Issyk-Kul for swimming. Lunch at a cafe on the road. Upon arrival in Bishkek, accommodation and short sightseeing before dinner. Dinner at local restaurant. Night is organized at the hotel. 
Day 10: In the morning you will be returned to your tour guide at the international airport "Manas". 


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