Tribalism in Kyrgyzstan

There was one exception from the common tendency of development, associated with nomadic cattle-breeding, one of sector of production households, albeit, in virtue of its specifics, holding society within the early class relationships. This was the context for the biggest part of the Kyrgyz population till the beginning of 1930s. In other words, tribal features in Kyrgyzstan, reserved among the Kyrgyz till modern times is a specific heritage of nomadic cattle-breeding. These virtues impeded to agriculture and nomadism and preserved preclass relations. Moreover, the lack of Kyrgyz statehood for many centuries, made independence projection and clan or tribe integrity purely descendant of tribal integrities.

All breeding nomads' history reveals that only few tribes including Kyrgyz, lacking statehood, but stubbornly adhering to the principles of tribal economy, succeeded to preserve their ethnic identity and integrity, whereas the other one Huns, Saki, Karluks, Tgorgesh, Polovets, who formed in tribes almost simultaneously with the Kyrgyz, or later, almost dissolved in other ethnic formations, or reappeared with other ethnic names (Uzbeks, Kazakhs, and others).

The Kyrgyz society's self-determination on one principles of tribalism, as researches have shown, spread over almost all the spheres of  life targeted at provision of well-being, originality independence and integrity of a tribe; regulation of economic , property family , inter-group, and interpersonal relations: upbringing of capable generation; family and tribe protection from greater threats and, of course, assets enlargement by «legitimate»  for those times method barymtoi (cattle-lifting from other tribes and families). The principles of tribalism and its rules maintained organization, direction, breeding and all other legal activities.

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