The tribes that inhabited the ancient territory of modern Kyrgyzstan, were pagans. They believed in many gods, practiced the cult of ancestor worship, and animals. Among them was widespread shamanism. For residents of agricultural areas heavily influenced by religious traditions of Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, early Christianity and other faiths. In VII - VIII centuries. the region was conquered by the Arabs, and the dominant religion of the local population was Muslim. Modern Kirghiz, Uzbeks, Tajiks and other ethnic Kyrgyz in the vast majority - are Sunni Muslims Hani-fitskogo sense. Russian, Ukrainians, Belorussians-Orthodox. The Germans, the Baltic nations - Lutherans.
Popular culture Kirghiz based on the ancient traditions of nomadic peoples of Central Asia. The life of nomadic pastoralists is associated with the constant movement to new pastures. In contrast to the Kazakhs, wandering in the steppes of the Kirghiz nomads in the mountains in winter the cattle were kept in the mountain valleys, and in the summer - on the slopes of the mountains. From spring to late autumn Kirghiz small family groups moved to the vast areas of mountain pastures, and in the cold season, these groups came together in the valley and lived in camps - in ailah. The main type of dwelling and nomadic ailah, and settled in a few towns was a yurt, which consisted of a wooden frame and felt that it covered the skeleton. To the left of the entrance to the tent was the male half, which usually lay a saddle, harness, hunting things. To the right was the female half. In the center of the yurt was located center, a place near which it was considered honorable, he held the owner of the house or the senior and most distinguished of guests. The food consisted of a Kirghiz summer dairy products, in the winter - from meat and pastry dishes. The most popular dish - Besh-Barmak (five fingers) - broth with noodles and finely crumbled lamb. The traditional drinks are koumiss from mare's milk, and Ira - diluted sour milk. Clothing men consisted of a shirt, worn over a camisole, gown or coat, pants and spacious. A distinctive element of the Kirghiz clothing, a hat became a national symbol of fine white felt with curved, padded dark velvet fields. Women wore a long shirt and wide, which also served as a dress, and long trousers. In the XX century. All these features of nomadic life only partially preserved in the countryside. In everyday life were used European clothing, modern homes and decoration home, kitchen neighboring sedentary peoples.
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