Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 04
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Activity Tour: Trekking Tour
Time: 11 days

Day 1: Meeting at the airport in Bishkek. Accommodation at the hotel. After lunch you will tour the city. Night was organized at the hotel.
Day 2: The day will begin with the flight of Batken. Uzgurush Movement. Where you stay in a camp. It is located an altitude of 1389 meters. Night is organized in tents.
Day 3: After breakfast you have free time after lunch than you start your tour trekking, hiking along the Mechi River Ak (12 km), during your trip you make picnic and then at the height of 2800MT, juniper forest you will. Located camp. Night is organized in tents.
Day 4: Today you will have trekking tours in Ak-Suu valley glacier trekking tour after your return to your camp. Dinner around the fire. Night is organized in tents.
Day 5: You will have trekking tours under Ak-Tyubek pass at an altitude of 4390m (6-7 km.). You have trekking tours in ortho-Chashma valley (5 km.). Night is organized in tents in the forest at an altitude of 3000 meters.
Day 6: This day you start the trekking tour through the Kara-Suu pass (7 km.) The trekking tours in the valley of the river Kara-Suu Kyi in a beautiful canyon, (5 km.). Lunch will be served on the street. From your camp has a magnificent view of Pyramid Peak (5509m).
Day 7: Trekking tour guide along the Kara-Suu canyon, with stunning views. Trekking tour in the camp. Night is organized in tents.
Day 8: guided trekking tours in the valley of the Ak-Suu River. That after lunch you will have trekking tours in the camp. Night was organized in the tent.
Day 9: The day will begin with a guided trekking tour starts over the river Karavshin (7 m.) then down the river. Lunch will be served on the street. Meeting where you drive. By going to the tent camp. Establishment camp near local herders pasture, at an altitude of 1796 m. It will be great chance to recognize the life of Kyrgyz people.
Day 10: The day will begin with the transfer of Osh. Accommodation at the hotel. After lunch you will tour the city sights on one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia. In the center of Osh is Suleiman Too Sacred Mountain with its magnificent view of the Fergana valley.
Day 11: In the morning you are taken back from your tour guide at Manas International Airport.



 Akaev, addressed to party congress with the offer of measures on a conflict peaceful settlement, it began to be perceived by many as a compromise political figure. Democratic movement has begun in Kyrgyzstan in 1990. Akaev supported carrying out of market reforms and updating of the USSR. In 1991 Gorbachev suggested it to hold a post of the vice-president of Soviet Union, but Akaev has refused. Deputies have caused it from Moscow and on October, 27th 1990 have selected the president of republic. Conflict settlement in Oshe with the assistance of the president of Uzbekistan of Islam Karimova became one of first steps Akaeva on this post.

 In August 1991 it has declared, that not begins to execute orders GKCHP, and has received unanimous support of democrats. On August, 31st 1991, less than in two weeks after putsch in Moscow, the government has proclaimed independence of the Kirghiz republic.


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