The climatic conditions of Kyrgyzstan is determined by its geographical position. Most of the territory of the republic is situated in climate zone temperate latitudes, the southern areas are in the subtropical climate zone. The situation in Kyrgyzstan in the center of Eurasia, its remoteness from the oceans and seas, the deserts of the neighborhood to determine the climate features sharp continentality and aridity, distinct seasons. Highlands, causes an increase in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, cloudiness and precipitation. Much of the relief and ruggedness of the presence of a large lake of Issyk-Kul make the climate of the republic is extremely diverse - from the sharp continental to near the sea.
The average annual temperature varies from Kyrgyzstan in the 10-13 degrees at lower elevations, up to 8 degrees in the highlands. The influence of water mass in the Issyk-Kul coast to the air temperature is almost imperceptible. The average monthly temperature in July in Kyrgyzstan varies from 25-27 degrees to 4 degrees at an altitude of 3600 meters. The absolute maximum temperature of 43-44 degrees awarded in the north of Chu valley in the foothills of the Fergana Range. The average temperature in January is negative everywhere. Warmest in Issyk-Kul and in low areas of the Osh region (-4 degrees), slightly lower than the temperature in the Chui, Talas, Chonkeminskoy valleys (-5-9 gradusoa). Even colder in the valleys: Chatkal, Ketmentebinskoy, Alai, (-10-12 degrees). Ak-Sai District - "cold pole" of Kyrgyzstan: it marked the absolute minimum air temperature (-53 degrees). - unusual destinations in Kyrgyzstan. - the most famous tours to villages.    - trekking tours in remote mountains. - cultural tours in the high mountains. - adventure horse riding tours. - unusual places to be visited in Kyrgyzstan.          - Kyrgyz tours and travel destinations.   - Options among cheap tours.         


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