Kyrgyzstan tour: Trekking 2001
Date: Kyrgyzstan
Tour type: Trekking Tour
Tour: 14 days

Day 1:. Meet at the international airport "Manas in Bishkek Transfer to guide you and hotels in Asia mountains, where you'll have a good breakfast and the rest after this, you will have a tour of the city to enjoy a delicious dinner .. and sleep in the hotel.
Day 2: We begin our journey by driving on the Karakol valley, and then began to tour. Trekking around 16 km. Lunch will be served on the street. During the trekking you will see Balbals and shrines. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents or yurts.
Day 3: breakfast at 7 am Go considerable sightseeing tour and you will be in "Camp Fire now enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in yurts ..
Day 4: After breakfast we will be trekking to the camp № 3, and "The Way of Genghis Khan." Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in yurts or tents.
Day 5: After breakfast, trekking tours in the village Kapoor. Lunch will be served on the street. At this point, your stay at the guest house where you can learn more about the lives of local people. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in the guest house.
Day 6: .. Substantial breakfast at 7 am Trekking in "Son-Kul lake, and you're on a night in the village of Kyzyl-Oi Lunch will be served on the street in this village, you will stay in touch and learning the life of a local farmer. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in a hotel.
Day 7: After breakfast we will have a trekking tour at Lake Son-Kul. Upon arrival at the apartment yurts. After lunch, familiarity with the life of nomads. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in yurts.
Day 8:. Trekking about 20 km along the southern coast, on the river Son-Kulka.
Day 9: After breakfast we will tour trekking about 20 km along the north shore .. Lunch will be served on the street.
Day 10: On this day you have free time at Son-Kul Lake. Will be trekking along scenic. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in yurts.
Day 13: We finish our journey with the transfer to Bishkek, about 300 km. Accommodation at the hotel. After lunch, you will see a wonderful concert of folklore.
Day 14: Your guide will meet in the hotel and accompany you to the airport "Manas".


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  This area is called the "Asian Patagonia" because Mountains and landscapes of the region like the South American Patagonia. But the climate is milder, and the beautiful valley.
 This an excellent opportunity for technical climbing.
 In all of these gorges can Ride from the Fergana Valley. Approaches account for 1-2 days with a pack of transport.

Karakara. Alpine valley in the east of Issyk-Kul. Shepherds fetches their cattle here to graze them on the excellent pastures, and organize every summer holiday "shepherd" or horse riding.
 There is a helipad, where flights are made on the Khan-Tengri and Pobeda Peak.




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