Horse riding Kyrgyzstan: Tour 13
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Horse riding
Duration: 15 days

Day 1: Upon arrival in Bishkek, will go to Kara Sai in Kyrgyzstan. We spent the day in Kara-Sai Village familiar with the local herdsmen in the village and the training of our horses on the tour road.
Day 2: We will be horse riding tour  25-30km from Kara Sai Kyr-Tash Lake and camped there.
Day 3:hike tour from Kyr-Tash we go 25-30km across Besh Moinok Valley to open Yshtyk Canyon in Kyrgyzstan. We have established a base camp here.
Day 4: Today we have a horse riding tour  freely without the chassis through Yshtyk Canyon, through the Canyon Baralbas Boz Jalpak valley and then back to our camp at Yshtyk Canyon.
Day 5: Today we have a tour round a total of 25-30km headed Yshtyk Canyon to visit the shelter shepherd for food, and then in the afternoon to the next camp in the Kyr-Tash valley.
Day 6: Trek from Kyr-Tash we hike tour 25-30km across the Kara Sai River, on the Ak-Bel and in our camp along the river Taragay in Kyrgyzstan.
Day 7: We will hike tour and travel 25-30km passing Ara White Lake Mai through Tor valley Jashyl Kol lake.
Day 8: We rekking Tour and travel 25-30km up Juuku Pass (3663m), passing through the charming mountain lake. We camped in the Chon-Tash "Big Stone" in Juuku Valley.
Day 9: Today we have a tour round the 25-30km on Juuku River and the confluence Juuku and Clover Suu rivers. Here we spend time with the shepherds in their yurts.
Day 10: We will be horse riding tour  of 25-30 miles down the valley Juuku Jyluu soo hot springs where we can enjoy the natural hot spring bath.
Day 11: Trek and travel to Jyluu soo we go 25-30km Chychkan Bashi through the valley of Kyzyl-Sai valley and Bulak Bash with stunning views of Lake Issyk-Kul on the tour road. Camp on Bel Kok.
Day 12: We hike tour 25-30km to Kok Belle at our next camp at Ak-Terek valley.
Day 13: Today our horse riding tour  for free, without transmission through the Ak-Terek, and to Mongu glacier, then loop back to our base camp at Ak-Terek.
Day 14: We will be horse riding tour 25-30km Kok Bulak Kindik through the valley and the river the Kichi Jargylchak.
Day 15: On the last day of our hike tour we drive through the Sari Bulak and Chong Jargylchak Barskoon river back to where the hot tub, a warm dinner and a night of tour in a private home waiting.


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