Horse riding Kyrgyzstan: Tour 12
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Horse riding
Duration: 16 days

Day 1: The entire day will be devoted to exploring the surrounding area, a visit to the shepherds, adaptation to altitude and do some practice driving. The camp at Kara-Koyun in Kyrgyzstan.
Day 2: We have a horse riding tour  of about 20 km from the Tash-Rabat "Ak Sai valley and at the Ak-Tash and beautiful Chater Kol lake. Camped in the valley of the Ak-Tash.
Day 3:hike tour along the river Ak-Tash 25-35 km to Keltebek river, and then Ken Soo Kok through Aigyr in Kyrgyzstan. We camp on Ken Su surrounded by snow-capped mountains.
Day 4: Walking Tour and travel to Ken Suu Ichke to Chet-Su, and then move Kashkara Tash river in Kyrgyzstan. We camped near the river Muzdabas.
Day 5:hike tour from Muzdabas, we travel 35-40km up in the mountain lake Bordu Kosh Col (3355m). We spend the night of tour on the lake.
Day 6: Trek tour and travel to Kosh Kohl Ruver. In the afternoon we continue to Uzun Bulak and Koiluu Suu. Our camp will be at Kaynar river.
Day 7: Trek and travel to the Su Koiluu wehike tour 35-40km for Ace Ashu (3400 m) and Kundu Suu. We camp along the river Kaynar.
Day 8: We spend the morning on the shore of Kaynar take some time to wash and clean. On the day we accept free travel, are not prepared in the mountains, and go back to our camp.
Day 9:hike tour to the River Kaynar we go 35-40km to Balyktu river, and at Bashi River. We camped near the river at Bashi.
Day 10:hike tour along the At-Bashi in Ulan-river and then cross the Ulan-Pass (3791m).
Day 11: Trek tour through Ulan Pass Trek, we, at Kok Jar Pass (3993m), crossing the river Kok Jar. We camped along the river Karakol.
Day 12: From the Karakol River at Djailoo river. Camp before Chakyr Corum Pass.
Day 13: Trek tour for Chakyr Corum Pass (3882m) 35 km to Joe Jurok and on the river Kara-Suu.
Day 14: Wehike tour 30-40km above the Kara-Suu Pass (4001m) at our camp in Tuzuk Valley.
Day 15: Trek from Tuzuk valley of the small village of shepherds Kara Sai, where we are at home with his family there.
Day 16: Transfer to Bishkek. Flight home.


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