Kyrgyzstan tour: Trekking 1912
Date: Kyrgyzstan
Tour type: Trekking Tour
Tour: 11 days

Day 1:. Meet at the international airport "Manas in Bishkek Transfer to guide you and hotels in Asia mountains, where you'll have a good breakfast and rest Lunch Trekking around town ...
Day 2: We begin our journey with a tour round. On the way visit Burana architectural complex (11 century). Then we will be trekking in Cholpon-ATA directly. In Cholpon-ATA, visit the museum of rock art in the open air. Upon arrival at the camp flat Karakol. Enjoy a dinner of delicious.
Day 3: Morning trekking tours on aircraft-Oguz. On both sides of the aircraft-Oguz gorge you will see during the tour round access to the river red sandstone. You will see when traveling the seven stones that look like bulls. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in yurts.
Day 4: At 07:00 the morning. Trekking in Turgenev nozzle. You will have a trekking tour in the picturesque valley Aksu Turgen "Enilchek overlooking the gorge. Lunch. Then we will have a tour trekking at an altitude of 3200 meters, where we will prepare a camp for alpine pastures. Enjoy a dinner delicious and sleeping in tents.
Day 5: Early morning you will have a trekking tour in the hot springs. Trekking along the river will be turbulent and high rocky peaks, and through Chon-Ashu pass (3822) m. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 6: At 07:00 the morning. Day free to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You will have a trekking tour in the wild rivers - necessary-Jaz. Here you can have a trekking tour through the neighborhood, and bathe in the hot sulfur springs. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 7: Today you will be trekking to the camp of Al-Djailoo. You will spend the night in tents at an altitude of 2600 m.
Day 8: After a good breakfast, you will have a trekking tour in the valley needed-Jaz, where necessary-Jaz river - one of the largest rivers in Kyrgyzstan. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 9: Early morning you will continue trekking Karkara valley. During the trekking tour you will see a lot of the Rocky Mountains and winding slopes. You will have a trekking tour to spend between two gorges. Camp will be picturesque lawn. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 10: We finished our trip in Bishkek Karkara transfer. Lunch. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep at the hotel.
Day 11: Your guide will meet in the hotel and accompany you to the airport "Manas".

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Kel-Suu Lake (3514 m), Naryn oblast. Located near the Chinese border. To visit the special permit is required, which can be obtained in Naryn frontier.
 Lake landslide type. Formed in the collapse of the mountain. The lake is a winding canyon. Length - 9 km, width - 0.5-2 km, the surface area - 4.5 square kilometers, the volume of water - 338 million cubic meters
 When they reached the lake, you will be fascinated by the fantastic scenery. With a beautiful view of the dam on the lake, with its fantastic views - sheer cliffs hundreds of feet high, waterfalls, rocky island, bay, caves and grottos. Turquoise cup of water surrounded by steep peaks whose tops are covered with snow even in the hottest summer.
 Approximately two kilometers away, between the steep walls of the canyon, one can see the rock-island height of fifty meters. Rocks have a bizarre landscape - they are dotted with grottoes, caves and hollows.
 To see the lake is full and a pleasure to sail on his boat.



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